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About the project

The small software was developed in summer 2004 for the software cd, enclosed to the book „Premium Freeware optimal nutzen“.
The reason was the necessity to to arrange various free available software products clearly on the cd, including complex Open Source programmes like OpenOffice.org or The GIMP.

Thumbnail der Softwareübersicht auf CD
Thumbnail von OpenOffice.org auf der CD
Thumbnail von The GIMP und IrfanView auf CD
The CD´s GUI: software survey
The CD´s  GUI:  OpenOffice.org
The CD´s  GUI:  The GIMP und IrfanView

Also users with little experience in installing programmes should be enabled to locate setup data files easily and to save ressources of their systems.
In case of network installation of OpenOffice.org 1.1.3 users should carry out the process without manual entrys of parameters.

Why Java?

The use of Java was self-evident for quick and flexible composition of the cd´s GUI. Every change of the GUI´s optics (buttons, text, images) can be performed without skills in programming.

Thereby it was necessary to keep in mind that a Java Runtime Environment is not automatically available on users´ Windws PCs.
Under this circumstances the JRE was not only to be delivered on cd but had to run from cd. Otherwise the start of the cd would have been impossible without installing a JRE immediatelly.